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Reliable Japanese craftsmanship, abundance of choice

With its roots dating back to 1901, Orient Watch has specialized in the manufacture and growth of mechanical timepieces. Since 1950, Orient has been at the forefront of the production of mechanical watches in Japan. When it comes to watchmaking, Orient does not have an obscure history: Orient has been producing mechanical watches for more than 60 years. It is one of the top three watch manufacturers from Japan and produces 2 million watches per year.

Exclusively Made in Japan

All of Orient’s movements are exclusively made in Japan and no iteration in manufacturing is outsourced. The implicit value of possessing an Orient watch is that the only way to enjoy its tremendous quality is through ownership.

As an in-house movement producer, Orient joins a short list of watch companies that actually manufacture their movements in-house and exclusively for their own use. In the industry, it is highly uncommon that a company produces their own movements in-house, and by doing so Orient Watch can ensure that the quality of their wristwatches are held to the highest standard.

We have been coming to Wimaladharma Brothers since the 1940s! We are proud to buy our timepieces from such a strong Sri Lankan brand

Neluni Goonersekara

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